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For possible management.
Explanation/clarification of the procedure.
Second opinion.
Pre-admission consult.
Please bring all imaging studies. *films or CD (written reports will not suffice)

(30 minutes)

Thyroid Biopsy

Thyroid Biopsy-

To biopsy a lesion in the thyroid or aspirate colloid cysts under ultrasound guidance.

(30 minutes)

Lymphnode Biopsy

Lymphnode Biopsy-

Axillary, Inguinal, Neck (jugular, carotid) or any other superficial locations under ultrasound guidance.

(30 minutes)

Breast Biopsy

Breast Biopsy-

Fine needle aspiration biopsy.
Core needle biopsy.

done under ultrasound guidance

(30 minutes)

Mammoloc (wire localization)

Mammoloc (wire localization)-

Ultrasound guided wire localization of small breast lesions.
Make sure you already have an appointment with your surgeon for the operation. Usually done 1 hour prior to your scheduled operation.

(30 minutes)

Simple Aspiration (cysts or abscesses)

Simple Aspiration (cysts or abscesses)-

Ultrasound guided needle aspiration of superficial cysts or abscesses.
like breast cysts/abscess, axillary cysts/abscesses, non-complicated renal cysts.

(1 hour)



Ultrasound guided paracentesis

(2 hours)



Ultrasound guided thoracentesis

(1 hour)

Catheter Replacement

Catheter Replacement-

for nephrostomy, PTBD, Cholecystostomy and etc under fluoroscopy guidance.

(1 hour)


Follow-up care

For evaluation of inserted catheter.
Blocked, misplaced, leaking or regular scheduled care.
Possible catheter removal.
Follow-up post procedure care

(30 minutes)